Duckstar Series

Duckstar, Cyberfarm, Operatic Duck, Duck on Tour.

Hazel Edwards & Christine Anketell

Illustrated by Mini Goss

The Duckstar series aimed at the primary school aged audience would be fantastic for the classroom.  I can imagine all the wonderful follow up activities created by the children (see also linked teachers notes).Written by well known children’s author Hazel Edwards and Christine Anketell; who just happens to be a wonderful teacher (this is no co-incidence).  Together this wonderful resource and great series is born.  Mini Goss brings life to the spunky little duck and his farm mates through her illustrations (I love his cute shoes).
Duckstar series creates the opportunity for active participation so easily you will think you came up with the ideas yourself!  Very clever writers, easy read and very accessible.
Duckstar – Duck is new to the farm and finds it is in need of repair.  To raise money for repairs Duck and his surprisingly talented friends become extras for an advertisement.  This is where Duck learns about directing and has lots of fun in the process.
Cyberfarm – When the animals hear about the opening of the cyberfarm activities and entertainment they decide that children would much prefer the real thing and set about putting on a performance to show them real animals are a lot more fun.
Operatic Duck – A new block of apartments is going up next door.  Mr. Bigge the developer has ideas of grandeur and what is grander then an opera to promote the apartments?  Any grand opera needs animal’s right?  You can imagine the fun!
Duck on Tour – Like any successful act, a tour is par for the course.  Duck on Tour is a story of travel (on rainbow train no less), disaster and unlikely heroes.
Duck is the sort of fellow who is eager to try new things, learn new tricks and help out wherever he can.  He and his farm friends, including a belly dancing pig, drum playing goat and multi talented parrot just to name a few are a barrel of fun and a welcome addition to any home or classroom collection.

A Bug in a Book Review – Angela Hall

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