The Very Bad Book

Andy Griffiths & Terry Denton.

Pan Macmillan AU

A follow-up to Andy’s ‘The Bad Book’, the ‘Very Bad Book’ embodies all the juicy, stenchy badness that couldn’t fit into the first. An essential handbook for the young person, it comes in very handy for long car journeys and parent-teacher meetings, when parents are in need of extremely essential dog-poo jokes and stories of evil koalas. A compilation of worldly wisdom covering even the most baddest of poems and short stories, no kid should be without this book. Meshed together with Terry Denton’s signature illustrations, the duo create yet another classic book no bookcase should be left without. Extremely handy to not only be described in words what a face-ripping koala looks like, but to have Terry’s breathtaking real-to-life pictures is a must-have. Those on the lookout can be absolutely sure what a face-ripping koala looks like in the flesh. Lives will be saved. Andy’s style is a favourite of Bug in a Book, recommended for kids, and adults pretending to be kids……

A Bug in a Book Review.

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