Down to Earth

Karin Cox and Steve Parish

Steve Parish Kids

Down to Earth centres on Jemima the koala and her cub Mimi who have lived their entire lives in the top of the eucalypts.  They have everything they need so why would they go anywhere else?Meanwhile down below the animals were organising a party and wondering if they should invite the koalas, maybe they don’t like them, after all they never come down and visit.
I really like this story; it is of course beautifully presented by Steve Parish.  Written by Karin Cox who has done so with skill.  As a parent I can appreciate the values presented within this story, such as; making assumptions about others and even gossiping.  It can be so easy to make mistakes about people you don’t know.  However it is not written in a pointing the finger manner at all, it is a delightful story and simply incorporates the different personalities and opinions you may find in different social circumstances,  thereby giving you a great opportunity to discuss social issues and how it can affect others.  Also the value in friendship as Jemima discovers.
A treasure for home and school.

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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