Global Cooling

David Reiter – IP Kids

A quest unlike any other.

As the name suggests Global Cooling focuses heavily on the environment.  An unusual team; Tark a toad of unusual species (extra terrestrial) with a magic toe, Tiger a cat, Wanda a blue tongue lizard and Sam a crow who is enlisted along the way endeavours  to save the world one species at a time by educating them and creating contracts.  They make deals with dogs, foxes and penguins, manatees and more.  But the main challenge involves finding the elusive Yowie and a rather large reptile king.
Written and illustrated by David Reiter of IP Kids Global Cooling covers a variety of issues from the perspective of the animals that are affected by them.  David Reiter has written other environmental books including the award winning “The Greenhouse Effect”.  The issues David brings up are significant to all of us, but none more then the people who can make the biggest difference of all; our future, our children.
Global Cooling would make a great addition to the classroom, with so many topics and issues to cover it really creates the perfect opportunity for developing awareness.  An endless multitude of projects, activities and classroom displays could arise.

Focus on the future using positive terms with David Reiters Global Cooling.


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