Grug – Box Set

Ted Prior

What is it about Grug?

Well firstly it’s his simplicity.  Grug has only a few words on each page; it avoids needless descriptions, and allows the illustrations to fill the story. Grug very briefly touches upon its subjects, and it is the lack of filling that makes Grug a great book for little ones.  In the first book where Grug develops from the fallen top of a Burrawang tree, Grug goes in search of a home.  The story touches upon different environments as he searches, and eventually finds a deserted burrow at the top of a grassy hill.  Grug works hard to make it his own comfy abode.  He doesn’t even forget to build a letter box.
The Grug Box Set includes a CD with Ted Prior reading Grug, and listening to Ted read his own story with the incorporation of the sound effects is lovely.  My 2 year old daughter loves to listen to it, book in hand, turning the pages as she goes.  The CD is repeated many times, and we both know it by heart and will often recite it without book or CD to assist.
There is a magic about Grug, maybe it is his mythical development from the Burrawang tree, maybe it is the beauty of the Australian environment in which he lives, or maybe it is simply in Ted Prior’s story telling.  Grug is a great book for the very young.
The toy is also very well loved of course.  If anyone ever asks “What is that?” My daughter replies as if it is obvious “It’s Grug”.  Silly adults, how could you not know?

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