An A ~ Z PI Mystery

Goldie Alexander & Marjory Gardner

IP Kids

It is a popular theme for young readers, and it is not surprising really.  Junior detective stories are filled with mystery and adventure and a couple of curious kids doing things they probably shouldn’t but for a good cause.  Hedge Burners is an enjoyable story.  I particularly liked that the main character Zach who is a rather reluctant participant but his partner in mystery (Anne) is very persuasive.  He has the amusing quirk in which he uses people’s characteristics to compare them to animals, this helps you imagine what they would look like while also being humorous and just a bit cheeky.  Filled with an array of different characters Hedge Burners certainly isn’t lacking in variety, which is a good thing when you are trying to track down a couple of trouble makers that are destroying the neighbourhoods hedges.

Anne and Zach (the A~Z) Find themselves in the middle of a bigger tangle of trouble then you might expect a simple hedge burning incident may be.  Everything from theft to kidnapping unfolds around them which makes Anne more determined and Zach more reluctant.  One thing that is important when you are a budding detective though is a good knowledge of other people’s affairs and personal situations.   A bit of snooping and eaves dropping is required and you know that often spells trouble!
Goldie Alexander has done a great job with this junior mystery novel.  It should keep readers content and with their fill of curiosity and trouble for sometime.  Marjory Gardner’s illustrations add to the story perfectly.
A great junior novel, I enjoyed it.
A Bug in a Book review

Angela Hall

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