Maybe Because


Aimee Garcia-Tice & Serena Geddes

Maybe Because is special, not only because it is about adoption, but also because it is about recognising things that are special in yourself, which is good for any child.

Maybe Because is simply a story about a little boy suggesting reasons as to why he was adopted.  “Maybe because I can make up knock – knock jokes…    and make everyone laugh”.
It is heart warming in its true to life explanation of what you would expect a young boy to say were good things about himself.  A self assured confident little man, with a cheeky smile (as illustrated beautifully by Serena Geddes), he is exactly what you would want for any child.  Adoption is a wonderful thing; it is a new life for an innocent child, a victim of circumstance if you will.  Confidence and a healthy ego is the best gift in the world, and Maybe Because is a great place to begin the journey of explaining the very real love between parent and child no matter the circumstances of the beginning, after all it really is irrelevant.  Love is love!

I found Maybe Because sweet, the sort of book that makes you smile as you read.  I love the way Aimee and Serena have captured the little boys’ personality without over detail.  A charming little book, one I would be happy to recommend.

A Bug in a Book review.

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