Plato the Platypus Plumber

Plato the Platypus Plumber (Part-time).

Hazel Edwards & John Petropoulos.

What a special little guy the dear Plato is!  His business card states “Pipes, taps and grumpy people fixed”.  Always there for his good friend Zanzibar and his parents to lend a hand in times of renovation, accident or embarrassing toilet blockage.  A quick sprits of smile spray on his way out and even Mum has a grin on her face.  He has a very unique tool kit.
As well as being a delightful story about a little platypus who plumbs it also touches on subjects such as drought and environmental changes, pollution, platypus facts, conservation and feral animals.
Beautifully illustrated by John Petropoulos, I believe this is his first picture book so congratulations and brilliantly done.
Hazel Edwards never disappoints, this book is great for the primary school as well as under 5’s as there is so much to get out of it afterwards in discussions and activities.I confess to a soft spot for Plato.
A Bug in a Book Review

Angela Hall


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