Riley & the Curious Koala

A Journey around Sydney

Tania McCartney & Kieron Pratt

What a great adventure for the kids.  Riley and the Curious Koala is part of a series, each book sees Riley off to a different place, this particular book is a exploration of Sydney in a beautifully presented cartoon like form (over photos).
Riley and friends are seeking a playfully curious koala, but the cheeky little fellow is great at hiding (though if you look carefully he can be found).   Tania McCartney has written this story well, she uses fun descriptions and encourages thinking.  A very age appropriate adventure for young readers and those who are still listeners.  What joy, imagining jumping into your own little red aeroplane and zipping off to somewhere far away to find a new fuzzy friend.  I love the illustrations by Kieron Pratt, they are gorgeous and dare I say ready for their own TV show!  A great effect, highly appealing visually and the story is a delight.  I look forward to checking out the rest of the series, as I know they will be a winner in my home.  Great mix of adventure, animals and education.
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Angela Hall

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