Samuel’s Kisses

Karen Collum & Serena Geddes

New Frontier Publishing

Samuel’s Kisses is a really lovely tale of that undeniable fact that little children can change the world, if not with a smile then with a kiss.  You know it when it happens to you, often in the shopping centre or in a queue.  You are waiting in line thinking about what to cook for dinner and then you see a little face, which smiles at you, then there’s a giggle and before you know it you are playing peek-a-boo or pulling faces.  Samuel’s special power is the blown kiss.  It can not be resisted, not by the miserable shop keeper or the impatient lady.  One of Samuel’s kisses and you forget about your woes for the rest of the day.
Written by the up and coming Author Karen Collum and illustrated by one of my favourites Serena Geddes in an unbeatable combination of delightful words and adorable pictures Samuel’s Kisses in one of my favourites and a recommended winner for all lovers of picture books.  It is irresistible – just like one of Samuel’s Kisses.

A Bug in a Book Review

Angela Hall

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