There’s a Crocodile in the Washing Pile

Pop-up book.

Thomas & Jodi Hamlyn – Harris

Steve Parish Kids

This book is a great first pop-up book, not too delicate for busy fingers.
“There’s a hairy-nosed wombat that sleeps on the stairs.  He’s hard to jump over but nobody cares.”
I think of the three this is my favourite.  The story is very cute and full of fun things like numbats in the pantry.  If I came across these books in the store I would definitely buy the set.  My daughter loves them.  Steve Parish brings you beautiful characters in photo with simple cartoon like backgrounds; they are all nice and bold.  The first two books come with an animal fact page at the back so little learners can pick up some more information about our little Australian friends along the way.  Cleverly written by Thomas & Jodi Hamlyn – Harris.
I highly recommend these books for toddlers.  They would make a great gift pack.

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Angela Hall

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