20 Winning Kids Stories

20 Winning Kids Stories

Scholastic NZ

Let me explain, 20 winning kids stories is not the best kids stories written by adults.  These stories are written by kids.  Scholastic NZ held a mega huge writing competition for children of different ages 5 -13.  This book contains the winning entries and oh my gosh the talent is amazing!  What a future these kids have when they already have such winning abilities. 

Reading these stories are like opening the door to somewhere secret and special, it is a privilege to be inside the minds of these kids if only for a short while.  It is an awakening to adults about how knowledgeable our young friends are and what leaves a mark on their lives enough for them to write about in a story. 

Writers I suggest you grab yourself a copy of this book, but be warned, it may inspire you or it may leave you feel somewhat bland, after all they are between the ages of 5 and 13 and have such brilliant writing skills already. 

Inspirational, well done young authors!

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Angela Hall

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