Bill the Fish

Bill the Fish – Brett Curzon

“I’m happy being me.”  Which is very important in such a large sea.

I find Bill the Fish really appealing, as a parent and a former early childhood teacher.  It ticks all the boxes.  The illustrations are bold, colourful and fun while the story is quaint and an easy, rhyming read. 

Bill the Fish takes you on a journey under the sea where you meet an assortment of Bill’s underwater friends, all special and wonderful in their uniqueness.  Which is what makes Bill the Fish so beautiful, it is about being yourself, respecting the differences in both yourself and those around you, and being comfortable in your own skin.  A great book for children’s self esteem and introducing diversity discussions.

Brett Curzon is a fantastic guy; he regularly speaks at schools encouraging Bill the Fish values to all he meets.  Visit Brett and Bill on facebook and the web for more information on school visits and the very wonderful book Bill the Fish.

You don’t have to take my word for it either; you can read Bill the Fish for free on the Bill the Fish website.

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