Christian the Hugging Lion

Christian the Hugging Lion

Justin Richards & Peter Parnell
Illustrated by Amy June Bates

Based on the true story and internet sensation.

In 2008 the gorgeous tale of Christian the lion rocked the internet.  Christian who was born in London and raised by two young men, then later released into the wilds of Africa.  Of course growing up in London is not your normal up bringing for a Lion so Christian had much to learn, but once he had grown accustomed to being truly wild and free it was very unlikely that he would remember his former life and the people that had raised him.  However Christian is not your average lion and as we all know from the now famous footage on the internet, the reunion of Christian and his foster parents Ace and John was very special indeed.  Is there a more heart warming hug then that of a Lion? 

Christian the Hugging Lion is that very story turned into a children’s book, starting in Harrods and ending in Africa.  It is a beautiful story, with touches of humour in both story and pictures.  Christian the Hugging Lion has plenty of awwww moments for that cute factor.  Beautiful in story and illustrations, the love and respect between men and animal is obviously strong, and it really sends the message that wild animals belong in the wild.  Even though they love him so very much they had to do what was best for his well being, sometimes that situation is relevant to our own pets too.  It is heart warming to see Christian discover his wild side and learn how to become a real lion, I am amazed that he was able to be released so successfully that he was to become the leader of his own pride, really goes to show you can take the lion out of the wild but the wild will always be within the lion.  As for Ace and John , well they are the hero’s in this story.   They save him from Harrods as a cub and then they save him from an un-natural life in the suburbs.  Christian was one lucky lion to be adopted by two very kind foster parents.  Justin Richardson and Peter Parnell have created this children’s book exceptionally well with the help of Amy June Bates who illustrated Christian the Hugging Lion so beautifully.  Love the expressions as he recognises them at the reunion, adorable.

A heart warming story made all the more impressive with its truth.

A Bug in a Book Review
Angela Hall

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