Dear Toby

Dear Toby – Diana Noonan and Linda McClelland

Every child deserves a teddy bear, and many children have one very special teddy friend that they turn to for comfort, If that bear should be damaged or misplaced that can be very upsetting to the child that loves them so very much.  That is where Dear Toby steps in.  Dear Toby is your friendly, all knowing teddy bear advice giver.

Dear Toby has all the knowledge, from travelling in airplanes, bears needing a wash and that it doesn’t hurt a bit if they need sewing up.  You can call, write or email Dear Toby and he will always get right back to you.

Diana Noonan will be putting little minds at ease everywhere with this very sweet look into the secret life of bears.  Dear Toby is presented in the Q & A correspondence format from child to bear and back.

Dear Toby is illustrated by Linda McClelland in water colours and pencil.  It is adorable to both look at and read. 

Don’t forget if you have a question about teddy bears ask Dear Toby.

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