Many – Coloured Realm

Many – Coloured Realm  Anne Hamilton

Because I haven’t read a fantasy type novel for many years I think I had forgotten how amazing they can be.  As a writer I have gained a huge respect for Authors of fantasy novels while reading Anne Hamilton’s Many – Coloured Realm.  The imagination and knowledge involved in creating this story is incredible.  Anne Hamilton has produced an amazing journey of knowledge and self discovery.  It is filled with truths about humanity and life while being an extrodinary story of ulterior realms, beings and adventures all intertwined with astonishing skill.

Many – Coloured Realm is the story of an ordinary girl who finds herself in a very un-ordinary situation.  Robby is a nice girl, and as you read on you discover that calling someone nice isn’t the compliment it seems to be.  However, it is this niceness that gets Robby into this most peculiar situation. 

When her study partners go missing, neither of which she is particularly fond of, they did leave her to do all the work after all.  She sets off to find the pranksters and discovers they are not actually playing any kind of trick on her at all, but by then it is too late.  She has crossed into another realm while following one, and her ‘friends’ need help.  At first Robbie doesn’t know where she is or even which way is up, gravity can misbehave in other realms.  Thrust straight into the deep end Robbie has to face challenges from start to finish, but she is not alone on this adventure, not at all.  Aside from her bully study partner’s brother who followed her into the realm (and is almost a polar opposite to his brother in personality), she meets a great many different characters, from a Goblin King, a moon child and the phoenix to elves and a variety of animals both recognisable and entirely foreign, all with the ability to communicate and several other talents also.  Robby soon discovers Stephen (the bully) is trapped in a life threatening situation (an immerment actually) and so she has to rescue him by taking on tasks which could go terribly amiss if she sets a foot wrong.  This isn’t easy when you have no understanding of the world you are in. 

If that isn’t enough there is trouble in the Many – Coloured Realm.  War is fast approaching, war which could destroy the realm and all those in it, war with no natural barriers, war against demons. 

The Many – Coloured Realm is full of unlikely friendships, mysterious events and valuable lessons.

Anne Hamilton has given me an imagination awakening; it is simply beyond my ability to conceive that level of detailed creativity in devising realms that don’t even follow natural laws.  Plump with twists and unimaginable mysteries Many – Coloured Realm is worth checking out fantasy lovers!! 

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