Musical Mayhem – Totally Twins

Totally Twins – Musical Mayhem
The Fabulous Diary of Persephone Pinchgut
(Book 1 in the Totally Twins series)

Aleesah Darlison and Serena Geddes

Persephone is the kind of girl most of us can relate to, she isn’t good at everything, sometimes it feels like she isn’t good at anything, and it doesn’t help that her twin sister seems to be perfect at most things.   While most of us don’t have a twin, the reality is still the same.  There is always someone better isn’t there!?  Well Perse’s family is dysfunctional; her Mum is what you would call “new age”, her Dad lives overseas and her house has definitely seen better days.  Her friends can push their limits too and sometimes a girl just needs something that is her own, something she can do to clear her head.  Here enters the secret diary written in totally brilliant coloured gel pens.

In this first ever secret diary of Persephone Pinchgut, who is about as good at singing as a cat being thrown across the room, her drama class embarks on a musical.  Now a musical to Portia her twin sister is like winning the lottery, but for Perse it is very much the rotten egg booby prize.  Of course her friends and Portia completely and utterly tease the life out of Perse as only children can.  With her Mum dealing with her own busy schedule and her Dad a million miles away and no one but her diary to turn to how will Perse get through this Musical Mayhem with her head held high?

 Aleesah Darlison has ventured into the ten year old girls mind and come out shining.  This story is an enjoyable read; it is filled with very 10 year old language and humour.  It explores the feelings of the age group well without loosing the fun.  Perse is a smart, ordinary girl.  Great characters make this book very relatable.

Serena Geddes whose illustrations are scattered through this book are fantastic, again, really age appropriate in their simplicity, filled with humour and I just love them, especially the portraits in the back of Aleesah and Serena.  With two such fun creators this book was bound to be a success. 

Totally Twins – Musical Mayhem is a Bug in a Book Young Readers selection.

A Bug in a Book review

Angela Hall

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