Nerrilee’s World

Nerrilee’s World – Anne Hamilton, Sandra Temple

Nerrilee’s World is a sneak peak into the underwater world of our oceans, with the added playfulness of mermaids.  Nerrilee is a young mermaid who ventures out to find her friend, concerned about her well being after news of an oil spill.  Her friend is never far ahead of her as she winds her way through various environments, and meets many species of underwater animals.  There are many other creatures hidden in the pages also for you to find, including one cheeky little sea horse who twirls its little tail into Nerrilee’s hair and goes along for the ride.  Nerilee’s world captures the beauty and variety of the ocean as well as touching upon some environmental issues.

Nerrilee’s World would be one for the young ladies, and it is one that can be just looked at as well.  Sandra Temple has incorporated hidden treasures for you to find and a list at the back of the book to challenge readers visually. 

Anne Hamilton has created a fun little story the girls will love (and boys that like sea creatures too).  For a bit of underwater hide and seek have a look at Nerrilee’s World.

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