Rufus the Numbat

David Miller

The first thing you notice about Rufus the Numbat is the beautiful illustrations in paper sculpture.  The story is sweet and simple and depicts the innocent little numbat going about his business and crossing into the world of humans. 
Each picture portrays much more adventure then the words describe, and in doing so creates Rufus The Numbat’s complete unawareness of that which is going on around him and the trouble he has inadvertently caused. 
Rufus The Numbat while such a simple book holds messages much bigger than it seems upon your first read.  It opens up the world of Australian wildlife and its delicate relationship with the humans who live near their homes.  A great opportunity to develop this awareness in young readers.  Simple and beautiful enough for the very young while entertaining and meaningful enough for the early readers also. 
David Miller has captured the gorgeous little numbat perfectly. 
A Bug in a Book favourite!
Ford Street Publishing

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