Rusty and the Rainbow

Rusty and the Rainbow – Karin Cox and Steve Parish

Steve Parish Kids

You know with Steve Parish you are in for a beautiful native animal display.  This book is no exception.

From the mind of Karin Cox emerges two playfully mischievous characters; Rusty the Numbat and Pogo the Western Brush Wallaby.  No strangers to the odd bit of trouble, these two are sometimes upsetting the neighbours and always looking for adventure.

This adventure sees Rusty and Pogo on a search for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  As you can imagine chasing a rainbow could turn into quite a journey.  Rusty and Pogo meet several characters along the way (rainbow lorikeets, rainbow fish etc.) who all doubt their chances.  Undeterred though they carry on, who can say what treasures await at the end of their rainbow.

This book embodies several of my favourite things, fun and adventure, Australian through and through, following your heart, friendship, oh and rainbows!

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Angela Hall

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