Saving Tigers

Dr Carla Litchfield
Rare Earth Series – non-fiction

I really wish that this series was available when I was at school and researching endangered animals for projects. 

Saving Tigers is brilliantly illustrated with the most gorgeous collection of tiger photographs, in both their natural environment and captivity.

Dr Carla Litchfield (a scientist at Adelaide Zoo) has used her extensive knowledge of animals, their environment and the issues facing them, to present this well written information packed series.

Saving Tigers covers everything you could want to know about tigers.  It is full of amazing facts, from the basics, to conservation issues.  Dr Carla Litchfield speaks of the importants of keeping tigers and other animals in their natural state, and educating people about conservation in order to save these beautiful cats and to prevent them from becoming animals that are only found in captivity.

Also available in the rare earth series – Saving Pandas

Saving Tigers is released in September 2010
by Black Dog Books –

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