Shark Frenzy – Hazard River Series

Shark Frenzy – J.E Fison

Released October 2010

I always try to approach a book with an open mind, and I wasn’t really sure what to expect with Shark Frenzy, but I think I had visions of frightfully vicious sharks and your typical bunch of boys.  I was not expecting this delightfully amusing story at all.

Jack Wilde is not exactly a typical boy, he has an overactive imagination and a sense of humour which would impress any ten year old (and many older).  He has a troublesome little brother (with an even bigger imagination) and a highly confident, disaster prone friend.  Together they discover a dead shark washed up on the beach which has been de-finned.  Pondering which fiendish beast of the deep could accomplish such a feat (probably a giant squid!), they set of to solve the mystery.  Joined by a little Miss Encyclopedia along the way they find themselves in unexpected situations.  Have they bitten off more then they can chew?

Shark Frenzy is a fun adventure with a serious underlying message about animal protection and conservation, however it is written in a way which does not distract from the action or humour of the story and therefore is absorbed by the readers easily.

Shark Frenzy is well written by J.E. Fison, who has had quite an adventurous life herself.  Exploring Africa and the jungles of Borneo.  Even her bio in the front is fun to read.  I am personally thrilled to learn she is in Brisbane!  Perhaps Bug in a Book will be able to learn more about J.E. Fison in the future.

I love the characters, they are fun and believable, the adventure is perfect for this age group and the story keeps you interested all the way till the end.  A good choice for tweens, and even the reluctant readers could be turned with this one.  It flows well and with plenty of humor and action it is sure to impress.

I would definitely recommend this book, and indeed this series.  Looking forward to reading the next one, so watch this space for Snake surprise.

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Angela Hall

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