Snake Surprise – Hazard River Series

Snake Suprise – Hazard River Series – J.E Fison

Jack and his friends find themselves on another exciting adventure at Hazard River, only this time they didn’t go looking for it.

When a flood sweeps an old houseboat dangerously towards Mimi’s boat, they find themselves being swept into a mystery while attempting to prevent the crash.  Where is the driver and why did he leave a ‘Help Me’ note?  The crew end up, up to their necks in homeless koalas, mud, eccentric rich men and cabbage soup (and its after effects).
Having to overcome their fears and be braver then they feel in order to save the day, Snake Surprise is all the excitement and adventure you can expect from J.E Fison’s Hazard River Series.
With the underlying conservation issues the true backbone of the story, you can be assured your young readers are getting a great, thrilling read and an important education (but they probably won’t notice).

I may be repeating my last review of Shark Frenzy but I have to say the characters are enjoyable to follow, Jack has a great sense of humour and I can see many a tween sniggering behind the pages of this book and series.

I would happily purchase this series for a tween, and if you get in quick they come with their own bookmarks each (while stocks last).

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