The Amazing Bike Ride

The Amazing Bike Ride – Lorin Nicholson, David Emerson

When a story is true, it has a power within it to inspire and encourage people even more then an otherwise well written fiction.  The Amazing Bike Ride is a true story about Lorin Nicholson, and his journey to the beach by bike.  May not sound like a big deal, but when the beach is on the other side of a mountain range, and it is nearly 300 kilometres away and you are practically blind, it’s a HUGE deal!!

Lorin’s sheer determination to do what others doubt, and to keep going even when he is exhausted is incredible, especially when you consider his is merely a primary school aged young man at the time of his adventure.

The Amazing Bike Ride is presented in an almost comic book fashion, which makes it really easy to read.  The illustrations also help you gain an understanding of Lorin’s visual abilities. 

Congratulations Lorin for writing your story and being an inspiration to us all.

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