The Great Emu Chase

The Great Emu Chase
Sarah Palmer & Emma Stuart

The Great Emu Chase is a funny story; it has a song like rhyme to it which reminds me of those old Australian bush yarns.  There is even a repeated verse you could call the chorus.

“An emu stole Gar’s chippies
And we don’t know where he’s gone!
An emu stole Gar’s chippies
But he won’t have them for long!”

The Great Emu Chase is the story of Gar who really is not the brightest of old men, definitely not one with experience with wild animals, so really this is a light hearted laugh at what not to do at animal parks.  The Great Emu Chase embodies that dry Australian humour you can’t take too seriously.  You certainly wouldn’t take on an emu to get your chippies back or a crocodile for that matter!  Gar and his cheeky emu go a crazy adventure around the animal park and encounter a variety of different characters and silly situations where the rest of us would bid our chippies farewell Gar makes a stand.  His Grand daughter gets a giggle out of it though as she watches his antics.
Never fear the Emu gets the last laugh.
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