I Love You Book

I Love You Book

Libby Hathorn and Heath McKenzie

IP Kids


I confess, I fell instantly in love with I love you book; a book about loving books how could I resist?

A delightful rhyming tale about all the good things that spill forth from the pages and the joy that reading brings.  Libby Hathorn was inspired by a high school visit in Papua New Guinea where the parents of students who were so thrilled to be learning to read that three mothers performed a ‘book drama’ about the delights and empowerment of reading.

I Love You Book is a journey through fairytale, myth and mystery, magic and lullaby.  A solitary voyage or a shared adventure I Love You Book has it all.

Spell binding illustrations to set your imagination on fire.  Heath McKenzie has an amazing ability to capture a story and present it the way it was meant to be.

I love I Love You Book!

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