Pirate the Barking Kookaburra (audio book)

Pirate the Barking Kookaburra – Adrian Plitzco

2 CD Audio Book


What happens to an orphaned kookaburra that is raised by 3 dogs?

Pirate the kookaburra isn’t sure about much after the storm except that he is a pirate.  He even looks like a pirate with the patch pattern in his feathers that go across his eye.  Aside from that he is confused and disoriented.

The dogs; Stelze (who mothers him), Hoover and Ajax, and Buddah the cat decided Pirate has amnesia and set off to help him remember where he came from.  In the process Pirate learns kookaburra’s laugh and try as he might he is unable to laugh and is ridiculed by the other kookaburra’s.

Pirate the Barking Kookaburra is a very Australian story in language and humor.  It is quite long at 2 hours and 30 minutes, one for an older audience for both of these reasons.  This story could well be the right accompaniment for your next cross-country drive.

Pirate as a character is one children can relate to with his imagination, taste for adventure and insecurities.  The story offers fun and danger for kids with a thirst for adventure and exploration.

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