The Giggle Gum Tree

The Giggle Gum Tree

Juliet Williams & Elizabeth Botte

IP Kids      


If you are at all familiar with IP Kids you will know that David Reiter is an environmental advocate, it is evident in the books he selects to publish for various age groups.  The Giggle Gum Tree is another of these examples.  In this story the environmental theme has a personal feel, it explores a suburban environment and what is important to the community and how sometimes a seemingly insignificant thing like a tree can make a difference.

The giggle Gum Tree is a special tree to Lily and Amanda; two sisters who live in a nearby apartment.  They walk through its long swishy branches and dangly leaves to and from school, they play in it and it brings them a special shared joy.  But not everyone enjoys the Giggle Gum Tree, after a couple of incidents causing tripping and tangling a notice of impending destruction is put up.  Can the girls save the tree or will its destruction leave a hole in the girl’s hearts. 

A look at community spirit from a child’s view and the effect of development to those who are uprooted.

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