Press Here

Press Here – Herve Tullet

Now here is something different!  Press Here is unlike any picture book I have ever seen before and in its simplicity and originality it is brilliant!  Press Here pretends that it is an interactive book so much so that toddlers may even believe it.  So what is so different about Press Here? Well, it is all in the dots.  Like the title says Press Here, then turn the page and see what has happened.  See what happens if we shake the book or turn it side ways.  I wonder what this button does?  There are patterns to find and colours to see but don’t expect detailed illustrations, it is all dots.  Bold, beautiful, colourful dots and who would have thought they could be so much fun?  My Miss 2 really enjoys this book, she enjoys it as both a shared story and on her own as it is simple enough for her to follow, and tremendously cute to watch her pressing the little buttons and following the directions.

Great fun for littlies, definitely worth introducing for something wonderfully different to explore in the world of books.

RRP $19.99

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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