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Tiger Tames the Min Min – David Reiter


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Project earth mend has been going rather well for Tiger the cat and his crew; Wanda the blue tongue lizard, Tark the extraterrestrial frog and Syd the crow, in their adventures so far.  In Tiger Tames the Min Min things could go very wrong with others intent on ending the earthly environmental issues once and for all.  Can Tiger and his crew including newest member Number 12 a retired racing camel, convince the ever mysterious and elusive Min Min Lights, the whales and the all-powerful “The Kangaroo” of Dreamtime legend to support Project Earth Mend?  Could the interfering and disruptive behaviour from the Min Min spell an end for all? 

Tiger Tames the Min Min is my favourite of the two in the Project Earth Mend series that I have read.  I have a bit of a soft spot for the newest character Number 12 the camel; he is a bit of a softie and quickly becomes a very important member of the team as they search the desert and hard to find places for the Min Min and “The Kangaroo”.

Tiger the Cat is also his very lovable self and in his cat ways knows exactly what buttons to push (or leg to rub against) in times of need.  Also his mind is never far from his stomach, a very feline trait.

Another thing I never thought I would find amusing is reading about a game of cricket, however when the teams are monitor and dragon lizards things can get surprisingly fun. 

Tiger Tames the Min Min and the Project Earth Mend series are easy to read and a fun way to explore the real environmental issues.  Great books for the classroom and home, recommended for kids who enjoy a bit of adventure and who thrive on telling their parents how they should be living greener!  Well done David Reiter for creating imaginative junior novels about deeper issues without being dictating or losing the fun and adventure.  The cover and chapter illustrations are gorgeous too.

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Angela Hall

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