Tiger Terror – Hazard River

Tiger Terror – J.E Fison

Hazard River

Ford Street Publishing


The talented Julie Fison is at it again; this time she takes Jack and his crew to china town where a very unusual shop is undertaking highly suspicious activities.  When Jack discovers the owner is trading in tiger parts Jack, Lachlan, Mimi and the stink collector AKA his little brother Ben, set off on the top-secret and dangerous mission to forfeit the traders evil plans and protect the tigers.  The circus is in town and the tigers have been stolen, coincidence?

Can this bunch of kids save the day and stay out of trouble?  Good question, I recommend reading it to find out.

We at Bug in a Book have made it no secret that The Hazard River series is one of our favourites.  Julie has the talent and skill to mix adventure, fun, age appropriate humour and great conservation themes into a whirlwind, page turning journey chock full of laughs. 

Go and get your hands on these Hazard River gems and leave the dangerous animal adventuring up to Jack Wilde and friends, your young readers will thank you for it!

A Bug in a Book recommended review.

Angela Hall

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