Bat Attack

Bat Attack – Hazard River Series

J.E Fison

Ford Street Publishing

Not every animal that requires protection is cute and fluffy, or even majestic and impressive.  It is kind of hard to be impressed by bats but even they need some outside help sometimes, even if they do make your skin crawl.  Jack isn’t really a fan, especially after the wee incident. But I am getting ahead of myself.  It is New Years eve, which means party time!  But this time Jack and his crew find adventure falls from the back of a ute, really!  After nearly being run over on a bush track by a crazy man they investigate the contents of a backpack that flies from the ute as it speeds away.  Only fair, after all they could have been killed.  That is when they find themselves in the thick of it again, only this time rare Ghost bats are in danger from the crazy drivers plans to set of explosives in an old gold mine.  Can Jack, Mimi, Lachlan and the Stink Collector save the bats while avoiding danger, staying out of trouble, not missing the party and having to touch anything gross? Unlikely. 

Bat Attack is far too much fun to be missed.  If your kids are giggling behind their text books they probably have Hazard River hiding in there.  I loved the first Hazard River and I am still loving the fourth.  Collect them all, get them before they run out of bookmarks and stickers.

If you want to know more about Bat Attack or any of the other Hazard River books buzz over to or our very own Bug in a Book Author interview with Julie Fison.  Julie is available for book signings, interviews and blogs too.

I would love to see some Hazard River inspired school projects if any teachers out there are keen to share their class’ talents.

Where will Jack Wilde find himself next? I can’t wait to find out!

 Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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