Burn Bright

Burn Bright – Marianne de Pierres

Random House

“Listen well, baby bats.  Burn bright, but do not stray from the paths.  Remember; when you live in a place of darkness you also live with creatures of the dark.”

Burn Bright; fresh from the mind of Marianne de Pierres is beautifully deep, absorbing and shocking.  It draws you in from the first paragraph and leaves you hanging on every word right till the end where you hunger for more.

Ixion is a place of freedom, desire, pleasure, rebellion and youth.  Where shackles are broken and the mundane burdens of society are lost.  Where partying never stops and day never breaks.  Not surprisingly youth flock to Ixion, they run away, they flee, they get there anyway they can.  They enter the world of Ixion full of elation and trepidation; for the unknown is filled with deadly secrets for those who stop partying long enough to question it.  There are no adults, only guardians, so what happens to those who have aged?  Why does Ixion exist?  What do they care of teen pleasures?  What are the night creatures that plague Retra’s thoughts? 

Retra has lived her life in the most suppressing of all places you could imagine.  The normal social experience of our reality are forbidden for those who reside in Grave as a seal (sealed behind the walls).  Then when her brother runs away to Ixion the restraints are tightened and Retra finds herself in an existence without privacy and shackled by pain.  She has to break free.  To find her brother she heads to Ixion.  But without the excitement of the pleasure-seeking hordes of youth that go there she sees things as they are, and it is frightening. 

Burn bright is exhilarating and unstoppable.  Let the pulsing rhythm take you, the deadly secrets intrigue you, the mystery and the darkness scare you.  Take the leap of faith into an unknown world filled with promises.  But don’t be fooled, not everything is as it seems. 

Marianne de Pierres demonstrates her ability to create worlds that set imaginations on fire and characters with depth and realism.  I can’t wait for Angel Arias to be released.

A Bug in a Book recommended review

Angela Hall

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