Anthea Simmons & Georgie Birkett

Random House

Andersen Press

Learning to share can be a big step in the life of a small child, especially when the concept has been thrust upon you by the introduction of a baby sibling.

Share! Is an easy rhyming little tale about just what happens when you have to share your special things with a baby.  Yes, somethings get soggy and chewed on and somethings really are not supposed to be shared with babies, like paint but the thought was there.  The best part of sharing though is doing things together.  Yes life can be tough for a big sister, but it is worth it.

A great book for children that are big sisters or brothers, or soon to be.  Also great one for child care centres.  Bold, colourful illustrations capture the attention and the simple language and rhyme do the rest. Very cute, a little bit funny, a well-constructed combination from author and illustrator.

Share! is a Booktrust early years award winner.

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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