Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher

Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher

Celine Eimann

IP Kids

Celine has given this story a real fable feel, even though it is brand new it seems like something you might have read as a child. 

In the fantasy land of Motika the city is surrounded by dense crystal mountain ranges which are impenetrable.  This means the city is highly concentrated and buildings are tall with little space to spare. 

Lyli longs to explore the other side of the ranges even with tales of a scary creature with a ravenous appetite.  undeterred she sets off to find a secret tunnel.  Things are not always as they are portrayed in stories as Lyli finds out when she comes face to face with the Stone-Muncher.

The illustrations are unique and unusual with a combination of collage, pencil and other media.  I believe Lyli Meets the Stone-Muncher would be appealing to young girls in particular who have an interest in fairy tales, and those with the creativity to create their own fantasy land inspired by Celine Eimann could find themselves busily creating.

A little hero for fable lovers.

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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