The Sky Dreamer

The Sky Dreamer

Anne Morgan and Celine Eimann

IP Kids

The Sky Dreamer is one of those special stories designed to reach a specific audience.  In this case siblings of children who have passed away.

The Sky Dreamer tells of a sad little boy called Liam.  Having lost his sister recently to a terminal illness he is struggling to cope with the grief and focus on the present, even with his birthday imminent.  Feeling lost and lonely Liam’s imagination takes him away on a voyage in a beautiful ship adorned with rainbow sails, with his precious sister Cassie.  The journey takes Liam out of his comfort zone, it shows him beauty and colour, fear and how to be strong and lessons he needs to learn so that he can cope.  Cassie’s gift to Liam is comfort and love.

Dr. Anne Morgan has explored an important topic for anyone effected by the grief of losing a loved on.  For children in particular it is so much more confusing and hard to understand.  She has used her own personal experience to create this sensitive and touching tale to be shared.

A must for children experiencing grief.

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