Go Away Mr. Worrythoughts!

Nicky Johnston

Nicky’s Art

As you can assume from the title Go Away Mr. Worrythoughts is a story with a special message.  These themed books have a very valuable place in the world of children’s books. 

Brayden is plagued by the Worry monster, so much so that he has trouble enjoying his playtime and concentrating on other important things.  But then one day Brayden discovers his super power; his ability to control Mr. Worrythoughts by telling him to go away and to not listen to his worries.  Pow! Zap! Mr. Worrythoughts starts to shrink as Brayden gets more confident.  This book also comes with some ideas and suggestions to help deal with anxiety disorders in children. 

Books are a great way to break the silence and deal with issues like this with children.  Go Away Mr. Worrythoughts is simply written and easy to understand, the illustrations are sweet and relatable. 

Nicky is a passionate advocate for the cause and you can also find Happy Thoughts Are Everywhere in the set (review coming soon) and a teachers/parent resource kit.

Well done Nicky and thank you for sharing your passion for this cause.

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Angela Hall

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