Long Live Us

Edel Wignell and Peter Allert

IP Kids

Long Live us is a mixed up fairy tale with characters you would recognise such as the three bears, three little pigs etc.  As well as the troll who is only thinking of his stomach.  A not so typical tale of goodies versus baddies.  Will the goodies be able to out smart the baddies or will the troll get the better of all of them?  It is true that we can do anything when we work together but not everyone plays fair.

Where would our fairy tales be without baddies? Edel Wignell has taken a different tack on fairy tales with this very good point.  All good stories need a bad guy.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but at least it makes for a good story! 

Getting a meal can sure be hard work for a troll, no wonder they are so grumpy.  This story is filled with tricks and mishaps, and a good example of the fractured fairy tale title it received in the 1997 Fantasia Literacy Competition.

A bit of fun for fairy tale fans.

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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