Creepy Crawlies

Victoria Jones & Kim Anderson

There are so many children out there who are fascinated by all things creepy and crawly, much to the horror of some mothers I am sure but nonetheless they are interesting little creatures to discover.  My daughter is an example of one of those children who can stare at a beetle and play with a slug so we are often looking for books and things that are up this alley.  This Victoria Jones book has all the right ingredients.  Rhyme, humour and fun facts.

Ants might be small but they’re strong and clever,

they work very hard in all kinds of weather.

They sometimes come into the house when it’s hot.

Ants seem to like eating our sugar a lot!

Next time you notice your kids exploring something with lots of legs check out Creepy Crawlies, this handy little book might just answer some of those curious questions.  For early readers or sharing with little ones.  Honestly though, this is Bug in a Book so we LOVE books about bugs!  Do your kids have a favourite bug?  We would love to see a drawing or project.

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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