Terry – Adventures of a Terek Sandpiper

Anne Hamilton & Sandra Temple

Wombat Books

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be a bird?  What about a migrating bird like a terek sandpiper?  Imagine the sights you can see flying from country to country, over vast seas and oceans.  The dangers ever-present in the environment, feral animals, pollution, lack of food and the effects of the population decreasing on breeding and safety.  It may not be something you have considered before, I hadn’t.  Terry – Adventures of a Terek Sandpiper explores a moment in the life of Terry who starts his life as a fluffy little cloud on little stick legs.  Like many young he is eager to grow up, to stretch his wings and see the world.  Terry soon learns that the life of a sandpiper is a hard one though, with migration comes responsibility; eat enough food to get you through, learn the warning calls, follow the seasons schedule, be careful, be safe. 

This is a great book about conservation, the effects of industry and development on wildlife.  The life cycles of migrating birds and an inside look at what life is like as a terek sandpiper.  Written by Anne Hamilton and illustrated with love by Sandra Temple.  Terry – Adventures of a Terek Sandpiper is a great resource for the classroom, adopt him today.  There are a great many project ideas that could stem from this story.  One I think would look great is a large map of the world where the students each map the path of a long distance migrating animal and discuss the life cycle and perils faced in their journeys.  With the world constantly undergoing changes that impact on our animal populations stories like this are important for our children to learn and understand so we can make a real difference.

Join Terry’s adventures in this beautifully presented, easy to read story.

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