Happy Thoughts are Everywhere…

Nicky Johnston


Another important edition about children’s anxiety from the lovely Nicky Johnston.  The first being Go Away Mr. Worrythoughts

Happy Thoughts are Everywhere while similar to Go Away Mr. Worrythoughts! it takes a different tack.  In this book our everyday superhero focuses on the positive which is finding his happy thoughts.  Brayden isn’t really sure where to find them so he goes on a lengthy search.  He can’t find them anywhere but he does find his favourite teddy, Christmas decorations and family photos… but wait while enjoying these special things Brayden had forgotten to worry and was thinking happy thoughts!  Seems he finds them after all. 

I think this book makes an important point to our little worriers and together with Go Away Mr. Worrythoughts! they cover both important issues with anxiety.  Happythoughts are Everywhere is about working on what makes you happy, focusing on the positive and special things in your life.  As a set (which I’d recommend) you also get the dealing with the anxiety monster part as well, ward off the negative and focus on the positive.  Good advice for anyone.

Well done Nicky on another great book for our little worriers in the world, it is no wonder it is selling so well and Nicky’s books have been the inspiration for a touring play.  If you would like more information on the packages available visit www.nickysart.com.au.

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