Stunt Bunny – Tour Troubles

Tamsyn Murray, Lee Wildish

Simon and Schuster

Stunt Bunny – Tour Troubles is the second book in the Stunt Bunny series the first being Stunt Bunny: Showbiz Sensation

Stunt Bunny is a book for those who love their pets, go all goey at a twitchy nose and a floppy ear and can’t help but spoil their furry friends.  Harriet Houdini is Stunt Bunny!  She was recently discovered on the Superpets TV show and is now preparing for the big tour.  She can back flip and somersault like no other.  She is smart and savvy and not against the posh life style her fame deserves.  Oh and she is cute which of course serves her well.  As every celebrity knows not everyone appreciates her fame and there is always someone who wants to be you.  In Tour Troubles Harriet has her share of jealous opposition.  Aside from EE (Evil Edward) who is Harriet’s owners Dad who just does not consider a fluffy bunny to be very important at all and is not afraid to show it.  There is Doodle the opera singing Poodle and owner Miranda who consider themselves the stars and plot to remove Harriet from her pedestal.  Just as well Harriet is one tough, smart little bunny because she will need her wits about her!

This bold, easy read book is a great beginner novel for girls especially with its cute supply in abundance and enough mystery and adventure to keep them glued.  I normally feel a bit lost starting a series at book two but not in this case.  Tour Troubles explains without backtracking too much where Harriet is up to in her adventures which allows readers to jump right in without delay. 

We all think our pets are pretty special and Stunt Bunny is a winner, especially for those who wouldn’t find it hard to imagine their own pets have super star quality.

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