Pearlie and the Silver Fern Fairy

Wendy Harmer and Gypsy Taylor

Random House

I have a confession to make.  I have been itching to get my hands on the Pearlie books!  No, it’s not the fairies with their pretty wings and sparkly accessories.  Or the exciting adventures around the world, or even the adorable fairy friends! It is because I HAD to read Wendy Harmer’s adorable, sparkly, adventurous, exciting fairy books!  Yes, I had to know what they were like as I am a fan and just a touch curious.  And I have to say I am delighted!

In this story Pearlie heads off to New Zealand where she meets the Silver fern fairy called Omaka who tells Pearlie of the big birthday party that is for her best friend Tuatara.  Pearlie always keen to help offers to deliver invitations.  While Pearlie is off on her job she meets some of the guests including a kiwi, a kakapo and a short tailed bat.  To her surprise none of these creatures would fly!  Pearlie who is an excellent flyer starts to worry, is there a reason they choose not to fly?  Is there some danger in the sky, maybe something that preys on little flying animals?  Pearlie gets all a flutter with these thoughts and finds herself in a panic and too scared to use her wings.  As night draws in and Pearlie getting cold and lost who should step out of the shadows but Tuatara himself.  What a sight for sore eyes! The 150 year old descendant of dinosaurs quickly puts Pearlie’s mind at ease with a fascinating explanation about the New Zealand wildlife and its non flying creatures.  He also explains the need to protect them from feral animals.  Then it is party time, and like any good party it is full of surprises.

A beautiful story about friendship, differences, the New Zealand environment and those precious creatures in it.  I would recommend this book for young readers who are pre-novel (Junior fiction, full of beautiful pictures and somewhere between a picture book and junior novel) .  Gorgeous collection for girls who love fairies.  I would love to know about Pearlie’s other adventures all over the world and I am sure this series is a big hit to those who have been tagging along.  Pearlie books are a wonderful way to explore other places and creatures with a little bit of fairy magic and fun.


A Bug in a Book recommended read.

Angela Hall


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