That’s not a Daffodil!

Elizabeth Honey

Allen and Unwin

You have to love a child’s imagination.  Tom sure has plenty of it. When Mr. Yilmaz from next door visits with a daffodil bulb Tom is convinced it is merely an onion.  So they plant it to find out.  Mr. Yilmaz visits regularly and always asks “How’s the daffodil?” 

Tom always has an imaginative reply which is everything but a daffodil. First it is a desert, but gradually it becomes a beak, then a hand with five fingers, then grandpa’s hair in the wind and so on.  The daffodil becomes a special project between Tom and Mr. Yilmaz across the generations and cultures.  A sweet story that touches the heart and makes you smile.

Elizabeth Honey is one of those amazing people who can write and illustrate and has done so in a way which captures the essence of the simplicity and sweetness of the story.  The pages show hints of where Tom’s play has led him around his daffodil with toys nearby.

An endearing story.

AUD $24.99
ISBN: 9781742372488
Australian Pub.: May 2011
Edition: 1
Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN
Imprint: A & U CHILDREN
Subject: Picture books
Edition Number: 1
Suitable for ages: 3-6


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