For You Are a Kenyan Child

Kelly Cunnane and Ana Juan

Simon and Schuster Australia

When you turn the pages of For You Are a Kenyan Child the vivid beauty draws you in and begs you to read on.  The colours of Kenya are beautiful and absorbingly displayed by Ana Juan. 

What is the life of a Kenyan child like?  It is vastly different from my childhood and filled with intriguing characters both animal and human.  Bashir in the tea shop, the village chief, monkeys, goats and beautiful birds.  It is fun to chase the animals and meet with friends but this Kenyan child is supposed to be doing something else.  Seeing Grandma’s knowing eyes brings him back to his responsibility.  Grandfathers cows!  He is supposed to be looking after those cows, keeping them safe and bringing them home.  What will Grandfather say?

“Twende nyumbani sasa” – Let’s go home now.

For you are a Kenyan Child is a beautiful book about a simple but different life.  Filled with fun and adventure as well as responsibility and important chores to do.  There is much to learn Kenyan child.  At the end of the day the monkeys fall asleep, the boy falls asleep, like you, like us.

True beauty.

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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