Secret Kingdom

Guest review by Victoria Jones

Secret Kingdom

Jenny Nimmo

Random House

I found The Secret Kingdom by Jenny Nimmo engaging and easy to read.

Timoken’s adventures with his flying camel Gabar (yes a flying camel), awaken the imagination. Anyone who is a fan of adventure and fantasy (think Indiana Jones, Dungeons and Dragons, the Lost Boys from Peter Pan etc) with a little bit of magic thrown in will find this book very likeable.

The scene setting and descriptions are very good, though I initially thought the story moved quite quickly as suddenly it was 100 years later, though I appreciate if it wasn’t summarized this book could have turned into something as big as the Lord of the rings trilogy! I love the fact that Princess Zobayda was brought back into the story towards the end as I was wondering what had happened to her. The ending of this book is the perfect way to let your imagination run free as it leaves you wondering what happens as you anticipate the release of the next book (of which I’m sure there will be one)!

I haven’t read any of Jenny’s other best-selling stories, though I can imagine they are all equally as imaginative. I’ve since learned that this book links in with her very popular Charlie Bone series.

Ideal for children aged 8+

Reviewed by Victoria Jones of Missy Books Online

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