Kate Gordon

Random House

My name is Tessa.  I am strong.

I am brave.  I do not cry.

These are the only things I know for certain.

Thyla takes you somewhere mysterious.  Somewhere dark and uncertain.  Somewhere you find you are unable to stop yourself, you have to devour more.

What do you think of when you think of Tasmania?  I am betting you don’t find yourself in the world of Thyla.  Mixed up in the history of convicts, tigers and devils you find a secret world.  It is right in front of you but superbly hidden.  Who is Tessa?  The girl is found frightened and alone in the mountains behind Hobart.  She can’t remember anything.  She is badly scarred.  She longs to break free into the night and let her wild urges take her.  Run free, her instincts pull at her.  Run into the night. 

Be drawn into the dark as Tessa’s story unfolds.

Thyla is a page-turner from start to finish.  If I had any expectations at the start of Thyla they were gone promptly.  Thlya is not the expected, it is brilliantly original, fantastically tied in with history and seamlessly spellbinding.  Fantastic characters, some that you love, some you hate, all you can feel.  It hurt to put it down and I am still suffering the withdrawals.  Kate Gordon I beg you please don’t keep us waiting too long for Vulpi the sequel to Thyla.

Warning: Addictive.

A Bug in a Book recommended read.

Angela Hall

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