Noodle loves to cuddle

Marion Billet

Nosy Crow

I would like to introduce you to Noodle.  He is just like any little bub in so many ways.  Cute and round.  Likes bright colours and chunky pages for little paws.  He likes to touch and feel different textures.  And in this Noodle book he loves to cuddle!

Another delightful, age appropriate development book from the wonderful Nosy Crow.  This time for the youngest of book lovers babies to toddlers. 

Noodle loves lots of things, such as his ball and his blankie.  Each of these special things is fluffy or bumpy, rough or shiny.  The last page is a mirror for the little reader to see their own precious face in the story.  Marion Billet has written a sweet little verse which is a great starting point for the life long love of books.

Never too early to enjoy a book and Noodle is a great place to start!

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