Pip & Percy – Sow the Secret to Nan’s Tomato Soup

Kylie Allardice Ross & Caitlin Ziegler

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Percy has been trying so hard to get his Nan’s tomato soup recipe right.  Time and time again it just doesn’t taste the way it should.  Then suddenly a little bit of magic comes into play and a funny little person with apples growing out of her ears called Pip steps in and shows Percy the ways of the green thumb.  Pip has a special kind of magic which makes good things grow.  With her fun guidance Percy is able to produce the right tomatoes for Nan’s recipe and the sweet-smelling herbs too.  Thanks to Pip Percy has learned many great gardening tips.  When things start to sprout from his own ears he knows he is well on his way to success.  And what do you do with all those things growing from your ears?  Share them of course, as knowledge.  I wonder what his next project will be!

 Pip and Percy Sow the Secret to Nan’s Tomato Soup is funny (Hairy tomatoes! No wonder they tasted funny.) Filled to the brim with inspiring garden facts and ideas, Nan’s recipe and Heirloom tomato seed so you have everything you need to get outside and get growing, then cook up a storm in the kitchen.  Great book for our busy bees.  Really it has everything!  So much to find in the pages.  The illustrations are fun and original.  So off you go, you never know Pip might be hiding in your very own garden somewhere.

You might even be inspired to start your own gardening diary or even a school or community vegie patch!

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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