The Great Expedition

Peter Carnavas

New Frontier Publishing

This is the story of Burk and Wills as only Peter Carnavas could tell it. 

Prepare for the expedition, make sure you have all the equipment; the map, lots of water.  Get your final instructions from the senior officer.  Organise your ramshackle bunch with their own special duties and be on your way. 

Join Robert (the leader), Will (navigator), Ivy (botanist), Henry (biologist) and Lily (animal handler) as they re-enact the great journey across their very own playground to the other side of the park to deliver the parcel.  It is a treacherous hike across rugged terrain.  Not all of the members will make it! Ivy has ballet lessons …oh I mean a senior officer takes her away after a confrontation.  While other unforseen events gradually whittle the group down to just two.  What an amazing exploration across a wild untamed country! 

The Great Expedition despite its theme is a lovely easy reading book which will appeal to the broad 4 – 10 age group.  Not only do we explore a great journey in history but also friendship, leadership, achieving goals and loyalty.  A great way to introduce your children to an Australian history story and so much more.  Face down your challenges today with The Great Expedition.

Peter Carnavas is always a great name to look for when shopping for children’s books.  You may be familiar with Last Tree in the City or Jessica’s Box to name just two. 

Off you go explorers. Great for home and wonderful for the classroom!

A Bug in a Book review.

Angela Hall

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